Perform is an artificial word. Its meaning results from the tense between form and performance. Looking at the Latin formulation “per”, which means “through” or “throughout” and “formare”, meaning “shaping” or “forming”, the term Perform becomes more clearly and understandable. It is about the moment in which an act has an impact on a form or throughout a form and therefore transforms it. That moment of radical change and transformation is expressed by the word Perform.

Valeska Peschke, Vulkanatem, 1999

Looking at sand, it actually is nothing but a mixture of grains of sand. Peschke uses this natural material to build a volcano; that sand-volcano is now the form. By blowing into a hose, which is connected with the inside of the volcano, the grains are shooting up in the air; it looks like the volcano is erupting. The moment of Perform, or in other words the moment of change throughout a form, gets realised in an artistic way. The volcano changes its formation; the grains of sand are trickling down the edge of the volcano like by themselves, building a new shape. Even after the ingress through the object, there is still motion going on. The sand-object is moving by itself, driven by the initial air pressure and now developing a momentum of its own. The transformed object includes traces of the entire process it went through. The volcano got holes due to the hose, irruptions caused by motion and tracks can be seen of the trickling down grains of sand. It all becomes part of the object, of its substantial being which changed through the transformation. The form of an object never stays the same due to the moment of Perform and the following performance. It rather is continually redefining itself, creating new borders and line of its own existence and formation.

The moment of Perform can be compared with the one of Instant. It is the stage of reconstruction and alteration, the point between the cause i.e. form, and effect i.e. performance.





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