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Valeska Peschke: The Mission of Amikejo


"For Valeska Peschke Amikejo has become a metaphor and a message for her project of dialogue around the question of Europe. With it, she wants to "nomadize, vagabondize, cross and overcome national borders: her home country should be path, movement and development. We want to combine, communicate across all borders. Communication produces movement, movement communication".

Cathérine Hug, Kuratorin at Kunsthaus Zürich, 2015




Amikejo means Place of Friendship

The "Mission of Amikejo" is an artistic framework for a broader idea of a Europe, the place where friends meet and can be together. It relates to the historical event, a neutral zone in between Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, exclaiming an independent Republic "Amikejo" in 1907.


The Mission of Amikejo" was invited to:

  • "Council of European Regions," Strassbourg 2012
  • Salon Charlotte Sophie, Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Science, 2014
  • Federal Ministry of Finances Berlin, 2015
  • Europe, The Future of History, Kunsthaus Zürich, 2015
  • ROMART, Biennale Internazionale di Arte e Cultura, Fiera di Roma, 2015
  • A Soul for Europe Conference, Berlin 2016
  • 5th Euroacademia International Conference: Identities and Identifications: Politicized Uses of Collective Identities, Rom, 2016
  • European Democracy Department, Campus Cultur, Danube University Krems, Austria, 2016-17
  • European Masterstudies University Vienna, 2017
  • Maxim Gorki Theatre, 2017





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The Mission of Amikejo

The "Mission of Amikejo" wants to invite to the excitement of Europe and to develop a new identity based on culture.

Europe has a long history of reinventing itself. In this tradition Amikejo helps to identify with the power of art and culture.

Image and Identity

The artworks invite to receive and express. The ideas define the image that can be received; the likenes or identity is the expression of the the image.


Receiving and Expressing

Plug into alternative outlooks of home, territory and borders and you can live the poetics of life!


Interdiciplinary Cooperations

Amikejo gives a place for interdiciplinary inspiration and cooperations: in the fields of arts and science, history and sociology, architecture and mobility, language and music.

Cooperation as an artistic and scientific project at Danube University Krems, Austria 2016-17



The idea-based artist Valeska Peschke develops an artistic oeuvre about the regions of Europe, thought as a free neutral space.


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